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Alphonso, Patrick: The Game Fanatics Guide to PC Cheats: Thousands of Top-Secret Codes that Will Lead You to Victory! (Avon)

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carole altman carole altman carole altman

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51Zv1M-DKnL._SL160_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-dp,TopRight,12,-18_SH30_OU01_AA160_ 51PTD31FYCL._SL160_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-dp,TopRight,12,-18_SH30_OU01_AA160_ 519Oj6EkVWL._SL160_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-dp,TopRight,12,-18_SH30_OU01_AA160_ 51PVHxMza5L._SL160_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-dp,TopRight,12,-18_SH30_OU01_AA160_ 51HVSIHf8dL._SL160_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-dp,TopRight,12,-18_SH30_OU01_AA160_ 51j1PEvfW1L._SL160_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-dp,TopRight,12,-18_SH30_OU01_AA160_Unknown

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Avila, Alexander: The Gift of Shyness (Simon & Schuster)

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LESLIE BALDACCI: (Contemporary)




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Bernstein, Al: How to Deal With Emotionally Explosive People (McGraw Hill)

Bernstein, Al, Ph.D. Am I the Only Sane Person Working Here? 101 Solutions for Surviving Office Insanity (McGraw-Hill)


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Bild, Kathryn Marie: Speak Up! Speak Out! Acting Techniques That Make Public Speaking Fun and Fearless! (Smith and Kraus)

*Bild, Kathryn: Actors’ Quotation Book (Smith and Kraus)

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Boothman, Nicholas: How to Connect in Business in 90 Seconds or Less (Workman)

Boothman, Nicholas: How to Make Someone Love You in 30 Minutes or Less – And Make It Last Forever (Workman)

Boothman, Nicholas: How to Convince Them in 90 Seconds or Less (Workman)


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Brody, Karen: The Art of the Well-Rested Woman (Sounds True)

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Brown, Gene: Show Time: A Chronological History of Broadway and Vaudeville (Macmillan)

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Buckley, Megan and Sheree Bykofsky: The Downtown Girl’s Guide to Wine: How to Buy, Serve and Sip with Style and Sophistication (Adams)

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Bunn, Tom: Soar: The Breakthrough Treatment for Fear of Flying (Lyons)

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Burghardt, Linda: The Happy Empty Nest: Rediscovering Love and Success After Your Kids Leave Home (Kensington)

Burghardt, Linda: The Bar/Bat Mitzvah Book (Kensington)

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Bykofsky, Sheree and Lou Krieger: The Poker Argument Settler (Kensington)

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Carson, Gary: The Complete Book of Casino Poker (Citadel)

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Casey, Susan: Women Heroes of the American Revolution (Chicago Review)

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Cirillo, Jean, Ph.D.: The Soul Mate Myth: A 3-Step Plan for Finding Real Love (Adams Media)

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Cohen, Jeff: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Recession Proof Careers (Alpha)

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Copier, Cynthia Stewart and Jennifer Basye Sander: Niche and Grow Rich: How to Turn a Unique Idea into a Fortune (Entrepreneur)

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Cordry, Harold: Council on Economic Priorities: The Corporate Report Card (Stonesong/Dutton)

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*Dresser, Norine: Come As You Aren’t: Feeling at Home with Multicultural Celebrations (M. Evans)

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*Dresser, Norine: Multicultural Celebrations: Today’s Rules of Etiquette for Life’s Special Occasions (Crown)

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Dulsky, Danielle: The Holy Wild (New World)

Dulsky, Danielle: Seasons of Moon and Flame (New World)

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Eldershaw, Jane: The Everything Knitting Book (Adams)

Eldershaw, Jane: Mood Food (Sourcebooks)

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Eldershaw, Jane: Heart and Sole: The Shoes of My Life (St. Martin’s Press)

Eldershaw, Jane: The Little Book of Moods: 101 Ways to Identify and Deal with Any Emotion (Adams)

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Evans, Rod: Sorry, Wrong Answer (Perigee)

Fellman, Henry Aiy’m: How to Keep Your Hard Earned Money: Tax Saving Handbook for the Self-Employed (Pocket)

Fenster, Bob: Duh: The Stupid History of the Human Race (book and calendar, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006) (Andrews McMeel)

Fenster, Bob: They Did What!? – The Funny, Weird, Wonderful, Outrageous and Stupid Things That Famous People Have Done (Andrews McMeel)

Fenster, Bob: Well, Duh! Our Stupid World, and Welcome to It (Andrews McMeel)

Fenster, Bob: The Duh Awards (Andrews McMeel)

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Findling, Rhonda: The Dating Cure (Adams)

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Flynn, Nancy: Blog Rules (Amacom)

Flynn, Nancy: The ePolicy Handbook (Amacom)

Flynn, Nancy: The ePolicy Handbook, 2nd Edition (Amacom)

Flynn, Nancy: The IM Handbook (Amacom)

Flynn, Nancy: The $100,000 Writer: How to Make a Six-Figure Income as a Freelance Business Writer (Adams)

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Gabor, Don: Speaking Your Mind in l0l Difficult Situations (Stonesong/Fireside)

Gabor, Don: Talking with Confidence for the Painfully Shy (Crown)

Gabor, Don: Big Things Happen When You Do the Little Things Right: A 5-Step Program to Turn Your Dreams into Reality (Prima)

Gabor, Don: Words that Win (Prentice Hall)

Gaffney, Matt: Jumbo Easy Print Easy Crosswords (Puzzle Wright Press)

Gaffney, Matt: 20 Minute While-You-Wait Crossword Puzzles (Sellers)



Gaffney, Matt: 20 Minutes On-The-Road Crossword Puzzles (Sellers)


Gaffney, Matt: Gridlock (Thunder’s Mouth Press)

Gaffney, Matt: Sit & Solve Commuter Crosswords (Barnes and Noble/Sterling)

Gaffney, Matt: Sports Crosswords (Barnes and Noble/Sterling Publishing)

Gaffney, Matt: Literature Crosswords (Barnes and Noble/Sterling Publishing)

Gaffney, Matt: Movie Crosswords (Barnes and Noble/Sterling Publishing)

Gaffney, Matt: TV Crosswords (Barns and Noble/Sterling Publishing)

Gaffney, Matt: Americana Crosswords (Barnes and Noble/Sterling Publishing)

Gaffney, Matt: Sip’n’Solve Crosswords (Barnes and Noble/Sterling Publishing)

Gaffney, Matt: Jonesin’ Crosswords (Random House)

Gaffney, Matt: The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Kaidoku (Alpha)

Gaffney, Matt: The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Killer Kakuro (Alpha)

Gaffney, Matt: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Crossword Puzzles and Word Games (Alpha)

Gaffney, Matt: CosmoGirl! Crosswords (Sterling)

Gaffney, Matt: Mental Floss Crosswords (Puzzlewright)


Gaffney, Matt: Sexy Scribbles (Nerve)

Gaffney, Matt: Cutting Edge Jonesin’ Crosswords (Sterling)

Gaffney, Matt and Gail Stein: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Spanish Crossword Puzzles (Alpha)

Gathercole, Rachel: The Well Adjusted Child: The Social Benefits of Homeschooling (Mapletree)

Gasbarre, Kristine: How to Love an American Man (Harper)


*Eric Geissinger: Virtual Billions (Prometheus)

*Eric Geissinger: Gamer Nation (Prometheus)

Gentry, Cynthia: The Bedside Orgasm Book: 365 Days of Sexual Ecstasy (Fair Winds)

Gentry, Cynthia: Mindblowing Orgasms Every Day (Fair Winds)

Gentry, Cynthia: What Men Really Want In Bed (Fair Winds)

Gentry, Cynthia: Secret Seductions (Fairwinds/Quiver)

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Gilbertson, Tina: Constructive Wallowing (Viva, Start Media)

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*Gold, Taro: The Tao of Dad (Andrews McMeel)

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Gregg, Susan: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Short Meditations (Alpha)

Gregg, Susan: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Spiritual Healing (Alpha)

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Hahn, Pamela Rice: The Unofficial Guide to Online Genealogy (IDG)

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Hahn, Pamela Rice: Everything Improve Your Writing, 2nd Ed. (Adams)

Hahn, Pamela Rice: Everything Low Salt Cookbook (Adams)

Hahn, Pamela Rice: Everything One Pot Cookbook, 2nd edition (Adams)

Hahn, Pamela Rice: Everything Diabetes Cookbook (Adams)

Hahn, Pamela Rice: Everything Pressure Cooker Cookbook (Adams Media)

Haasnoot, Richard: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Five Minute Managing (Alpha)

Hansen, Harold: Dog Trainer’s Guide to Parenting (Sourcebooks)

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Harrison, Steven: Doing Nothing (Tarcher)

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Hebert, David: The Everything Learning French Book (Adams)

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Hellman, Paul: You’ve Got 8 Seconds: Communication Secrets for a Distracted World (Amacom)

Hellmuth, Philip: Play Poker Like the Pros (HarperCollins)


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Hirsch, Gretchen: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Difficult Conversations (Alpha)

Hirsch, Gretchen: Motivating the Gifted Child (Great Potential Press)

Hirsch, Gretchen: Talking Your Way to the Top (Prometheus)

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Hoffman, David: The Essential Executor’s Handbook (Career)

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Holbert, Holly And Bruce: Signed, Your Student (Kaplan)


Holsinger, Bruce and Winokur, Mark: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Movies, Flicks and Film (Alpha)

Huff, Priscilla: The Self-Employed Woman’s Guide to Launching a Home-Based Business (Crown)

Huff, Priscilla: 101 Best Home-Based Businesses for Women (Crown)

Hulbert, Cat: Outplaying the Boys (Workman)

Hunter, Allan: The Story of Q; A GenderQueer Tale (Ellora’s Cave)

Ilan, Aviv and David: You Know You’re Drinking Too Much Coffee When… (Adams)

Ilan, Aviv and David: You Know You’re Surfing the Net Too Much When… (Adams)

Ingram, Leah: The Complete Guide for the Anxious Bride (Career Press)

Ingram, Leah: Everything Etiquette Guide (Adams)

Israeloff, Roberta and George McDermott: What Went Right: Lessons from Both Sides of the Teacher’s Desk (Rowman & Littlefield)

Jaccarino, Michael: America’s Last Great Newspaper War (Fordham University Press)

*Jacobs, Bruce: Race Manners (Arcade)

Jaffe, Azriela: Create Your Own Luck (Adams)

Jaffe, Azriela: Heartwarmers: Award-winning Stories of Love and Romance (Adams)

Jaffe, Azriela: Heartwarmers: Award-winning Stories of Triumphs Over Life’s Challenges (Adams)

Jaffe, Azriela: Heartwarmers: Award-winning Stories of Love, Courage and Inspiration (Adams)

Jaffe, Azriela: Let’s Go Into Business Together: 8 Secrets to Successful Business Partnering (Career)

Jaffe, Azriela: Two Jews Can Still Be a Mixed Marriage: Overcoming Religious Differences in Your Jewish Marriage (Career)

Jago, Martin: To Play or Not to Play (Smith & Kraus)

Jago, Martin: The Actor’s Complete Shakespeare Sonnet Bible (Smith & Kraus)

Jago, Martin: From Courts to Dungeons: Classical Monologues for Men and Women (Smith & Kraus)

Janik, Erika: Marketplace of the Marvelous: The Strange Origins of Modern Medicine (Beacon)

Jasper, Jan: Take Back Your Time: How to Regain Control of Work, Information, and Technology (St. Martin’s Press)

Jenkinson, Mark: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Photography Essentials (Alpha)

Joseph, James: Working Wonders: 60 Quick Break Techniques to Beat Burnout, Boost Productivity, and Revive Your Workday (Berkley)

Jones, Matt: Jonesin’ for Crosswords (Sterling)


Kaitz, Merrill: The Great Boston Trivia Book (Cumberland)

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Kalat, David: A Critical History and Filmography of Toho’s Godzilla Series (McFarland)

Kalat, David: The Homicide Case Book: A Companion (Renaissance)

Kalat, David: The Strange Case of Dr. Mabuse (McFarland)

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Kaylan, Howard: Shell Shocked: My Life with the Turtles, Flo and Eddie, and Frank Zappa (Hal Leonard)


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Klein, Stanley D. and John D. Kemp: Reflections From a Different Journey: What Adults With Disabilities Wish All Parents Knew (McGraw-Hill)

Klickstein, Mathew: Slimed!: An Oral History of Nickelodeon’s Golden Age (Plume)

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Kotin, Joel, M.D: How to Change Your Spouse (Career)

Kramer, Marc: Websites Built to Last (Adams)

Kramer, Marc: Building and Financing an E-Commerce Venture (Prentice Hall)

Kramer, Marc: Consulting Handbook: Make a Million Doing What You Know Best (Entrepreneur Media Inc.)

Krieger, Lou & Sheree Bykofsky: Secrets the Pros Won’t Tell You About Winning at Hold ‘Em Poker (Kensington)

Krieger, Lou & Sheree Bykofsky: The Rules of Poker (Kensington)

Krieger, Lou & Sheree Bykofsky: The Portable Poker Pro (Kensington)

Lafayette, Leslie: Why Don’t You Have Kids? Living a Full Life Without Parenthood (Kensington)

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Lane, William and Azriela Jaffe: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Flying (Alpha)

Lane, Bill and Jennifer: The Everything Get Rich Book (Adams Media)

Lane, Bill and Jennifer: The Everything Personal Finance Book (Adams Media)

Lang, Virginia and Louise Nayer: How to Bury a Goldfish (Rodale)

Laub, Donald R., MD: Second Lives, Second Chances: A Surgeon’s Stories of Transformation (ECW Press)

Lavender, Julie: 365 Days of Celebration and Praise (Jossey-Bass)

Lerner, Jonathan: Swords in the Hands of Children: Reflections of an American Revolutionary (OR Books)

Link, John, M.D.: Breast Cancer Survival Manual, 6th edition (Holt)


Lipe, Jay: Stand Out From The Crowd: Secrets to Crafting a Winning Company Identity (Dearborn)

Lipton, Victor: The Type B Manager; Leading Successfully in a Type A World (Prentice Hall Press)

Loomis, Jim: All Aboard: The Comprehensive Guide to North American Train Travel, 2nd Edition (Prima)

Lott, Lynn, Riki Intner, and Barbara Mendenhall: Do-It-Yourself Therapy (Career)

Lott, Lynn, Nancy Pickard: The Seven Steps on the Writer’s Path (Ballantine)

Lucas, Richard: The Dog Log (Chicago Review Press)

Lovell, Simon: Confessions of a Cheat (Thunder’s Mouth)

Lovell, Simon: How to Cheat at Everything (Thunder’s Mouth)

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Lundgren, Chris: The Runner’s World Guide to Running and Pregnancy (Rodale)

Lundgren, Chris: Accidental Adventures: Alaska (Lyons Press)

Lyons, Jeff: Rapid Story Development (Focal Press)

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Nelson, Mike: Stop Clutter From Robbing Your Business (Career Press)

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Rueter, Ted: The 449 Stupidest Things Ever Said by Republicans (Andrews McMeel)

Rueter, Ted: The 449 Stupidest Things Ever Said by Democrats (Andrews McMeel)


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Shore, Jeff: Follow Up and Close the Sale (McGraw-Hill)

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Strauss, Steven: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Kennedys (Alpha)

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*Tymony, Cy: Sneakier Uses for Everyday Things (Andrews McMeel)


*Tymony, Cy: Sneakiest Uses for Everyday Things (Andrews McMeel)


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Unterberger, Richie: Eight Miles High (Backbeat)


Unterberger, Richie: The Unreleased Beatles: Music and Film (Backbeat)


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van Stockum, Hilda: The Borrowed House (Purple House) courtesy of John Tepper Marlin

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Voorhees, Don: The Essential Book Of Useless Information (Perigee)

Voorhees, Don: The Incredible Book of Useless Information: Even More Pointlessly Unnecessary Knowledge (Perigee)


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*Walsh, William: Lapsing into a Comma (NTC/Contemporary)


Walsh, William: Elephants of Style: A Trunkload of Tips on the Big Issues and Gray Areas of Contemporary American English (McGraw-Hill)

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Warwick, Dunnett: Poker Wizards (Cardoza)

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Wells, Caryn: You and Me: A Picture Frame Book (Sourcebooks)

Wells, Caryn: Celebrate!: A Picture Frame Book (Sourcebooks)

Wells, Caryn: Bundle of Joy: A Picture Frame Book (Sourcebooks)

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Weisberg, Jenny Anne: Creating a World (Jason Aronson)

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White, Cynthia: Your Castable Types: Understanding How the Industry Perceives Your Talent Will Maximize Your Acting Success (Smith and Kraus)

Wiener, Hattie and Batson, Sallie: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Looking and Feeling Younger (Alpha)

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Wiese, Lynn: Healthy Solutions (Basic Health Publications)

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Williams, Paul: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Crusades (Alpha)

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Williams, Paul L: A Root of Evil: The Riches of the Roman Catholic Church (Prometheus)

Williams, Paul: Osama’s Revenge: The Next 9/11 (Prometheus)

Williams, Paul: The Al Qaeda Connection (Prometheus)

Williams, Paul: The Vatican Exposed: Money, Murder, and the Mafia (Prometheus)

Williams, Paul: The Day of Islam (Prometheus)

Williamson, Marvel: Great Sex After 40: Strategies for Lifelong Fulfillment (Wiley)

Winnikoff, Al and Wayne Wagner: Millionaire: Let Your Lunch Money Pave Your Way to a Fortune (Renaissance)

Wolinetz, Geoff , Nick Jezarian and Josh Abraham: Underrated: the Yankee Pot Roast Book of Awesome Underappreciated Stuff (Kensington)

Zelman, Mitchell: What The Experts May Not Tell You About Car Repair (Warner)

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Zetlin, Minda: The Y2K Problem (Amacom)

Zetlin, Minda: Telecommuting for Dummies (IDG)

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Zukerman, Rachelle: Eldercare for Dummies (Wiley)